Healthline is known for providing great reliable information in the health and industry field. In this article I am sharing, they give you the 7 benefits and uses of CBD Oil and their side effect.
I use CBD oil daily and I have never experienced any side effect. I guess everyone is different.

Healthline gives a good description of CBD and points out that it is non psychoactive, which simply means you don’t get high from CBD. THC is the psychoactive component in the marijuana plant. Nobody needs to get high, but they do need to get rid of pain, which CBD does.

CBD does all this:

  • CBD Relieves Pain
  • Could reduce Anxiety & Depression
  • Can alleviate Cancer Related symptoms – I can verify that from personal use.
  • May reduce Acne
  • Might have Neuroprotective properties
  • Could benefit Heart health
  • and Has SEVERAL other benefits.

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